At NC Stirling, we do not simply provide you with an insurance policy and then walk away.

We offer a continuing service that extends both before and after you have taken out your cover.

60 – 120 days before due date

Developing a marketing strategy

  • Review programme design proposals
  • Select and shortlist appropriate insurers
  • Compile detailed and quality broking submission

Marketing your risk

  • NC Stirling presentations with insurers
  • Evidence your commitment to risk management
  • Focus on positive risk features to generate
    insurer competition


  • Use NC Stirling buying power, market knowledge and insurer relationships
  • Meeting with insurers to negotiate preferential rates and terms
  • Drive the deal

30 – 90 days before renewal

  • Review market
  • Negotiate final terms with insurers
  • Agree with you the final costs and structure
  • Place renewal

30 – 45 days after renewal

Risk review

  • Establish claims review schedule
  • Review audit
  • Introduce account handler
  • Review calendar and service timeline
  • Develop risk management plan

3 – 4 months after renewal


  • Business review
  • Sums insured/estimates
  • Mid-term financial data
  • Analyse business disruption risks
  • Review any exposure changes
  • Review claims experience
  • Accompany all insurer engineer visits

6 months after renewal

Mid-term 2

  • Business review
  • Sums insured/estimates
  • Cover recommendations
  • Address risk management plan changes
  • Review insurance and legal issues
  • Review claims

9 – 10 months after renewal

Renewal review

  • Evaluate current insurers service
  • Marketing review
  • Review changes in exposures
  • Review claims
  • Report on market background and trends

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